The Ibn Rushd Centre of Excellence for Islamic Research has a range of special bespoke course on various topics of interest and demand to the public. 

The courses are available to both males and females above 18 years of age, and courses are free of charge. 

We intend on delivering bespoke courses to meet the needs of the service users. Courses will be delivered by visiting lecturers and research fellows with expertise in their particular fields of study.  Modules will vary in length and duration some courses will consist of two-hour lectures across a 12-week duration, others may be a one-day intensive, but most courses will be 4-5 weeks long. 

Hadith studies

Qur’anic studies

principles of Islamic jurisprudence

the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (sirah)

advance jurisprudence: Muslim family law: marriage and divorce, inheritance law, commercial law

basic jurisprudence (fiqh): spiritual law of prayer, purification, charity or almsgiving (zakat), pilgrimage,

Islamic History: Muslims during the Umayyad dynasty, the Abbasid dynasty, history of Muslim in India and South East Asia,