Non Academic Conferences

Public Engagement

The Ibn Rushd Centre of Excellence for Islamic Research aims to offer many public engagement initiatives such as bespoke educational programmes, consultation forums and much more.  The Centre is advised on community needs by independent grass-root community organisations, which will provide a forum for matters of importance to local communities. The Centre is keen to establish a register of interested community members and would be happy to receive your feedback and comments.

The Centre will give the public:

• Access to academic conferences and seminars

• Simplified results to research

• Simplified articles about issues of immediate and contemporary concern

• The Centre will have a particular engagement with the British community, which will inform its programs and activities

• The Centre will function as a source of expert advice for government, national and international organisations on matters related to contemporary Islamic issues

• The Centre will provide courses to help equip people with a better understanding of Islam for work within Muslim communities, such as schoolteachers, social workers, health professionals, business managers, community leaders and other professionals

Non academic conferences 2018 - 2019