Our Research Activites


Research fellows will be highly qualified scholars holding nothing less than a post-graduate certificate in Islamic studies from a recognised institution or in most cases a doctorate, or any equivalent qualifications delineating expertise in Islamic studies. The organisation aims to ensure a high-quality learning experience through a commitment to excellence in learning and teaching, a current and stimulating learning environment and reflective, well-designed courses which supports the aspirations of the service user, the enhancement of teaching quality and the needs and aims of community.

The organisation intends on publishing a range of publications intended for specialists; such as occasional papers, monographs, editions, translations, conference proceedings and bibliographical works. All publications will go through blind-peer review process. One of the primary objectives of the organisation’s research activities is to establish itself as an important centre of Islamic studies. Through its research activities it aims to add to the already existing vast knowledge and understanding of various areas of Islamic studies.

The organisation aims to serve a number of audiences through its research programme, particularly members of the Islamic faith as well as members of other faiths or no faith communities who have interest in Islamic studies, the academic community and the interested general public. As part of this programme, seminars, conferences and public lectures will also be organised by the organisation. Thus, the organisation serves as a forum for scholars as well as the general public in the field of Islamic studies.

The research will be carried out by academics with experience in higher education and knowledge of academia and academic standards and rigour. Senior research fellows must have a proven track record of published research in academic peer-reviewed journals (blind review/single or double) or books/chapters/entries in academic books. Value in academic research will be measured by the REF (Research Excellence Framework) and impact factor will be considered. The aim of all research is to publish the findings in subject relevant academics journals or academic publishing houses and any other outlet which will give access to the public, in the same manner all research active academic institutions disseminate their research.