Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman

Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman

Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman
Research Scholar in Islamic Education




Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman is a graduate of Islamic Dawah Academy, Leicester, in 2014.

He has experience in teaching various subjects in Islamic studies with a particular interest in teaching Qurʾānic literacy. He also teaches subjects on the National Curriculum. In 2016 he founded Al-Raḥma, a daʿwah platform and online blog.

Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman is a keen activist, a thinker, educator and a writer. He is currently working with Safar Publications as a curriculum writer.

Following his passion and keen interest in education, Shaykh Shahin-ur Rahman is completing his postgraduate studies in “Islamic Education: Theory and Practice” at the University of Warwick.



ʿĀlimiyyah: IDA, Leicester (2014)

PGA Religions, Society and Education: University of Warwick (2019)

MA Islamic Education: University of Warwick (present (expected 2021))



Rahman, S. (2021). Rethinking Education: A Case for Tarbiyah in Contemporary Britain. Nazhruna: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, 3(3), 444-455.

Research Interests

  • Muslim Theology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Islamic Pedagogy

Teaching Interests

  • Theology
  • Ḥadīth Studies
  • Uṣūl al-Fiqh
  • Arabic Literature and Poetry